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I am a person passionate about vegan eating, hiking, and living healthfully and spiritually.  If you are interested in any of these, I believe you'll find something of interest here.

While these four topics may seem quite disparate, there is an underlying unifying element to all four:  ~~~Respect for and optimization of life and health~~~

Within my own life, the more I focus on keeping these 4 elements in proper balance, the more I am able to function at my best.

The VEGAN section will focus on vegan eating, with emphasis on the approachability of vegan foods.

The HIKING section will feature trip reports of hikes I have been on.  Most are hikes in the western North Carolina area, featuring trails in the Pisgah National Forest and surrounding areas, as well as the Jones Gap area of South Carolina.

The HEALTH section will be a collection of reflections, originating from 30+ years of working as a registered nurse, who happens to be vegan, but living and working in the very non-vegan world of health care.  It will provide tips and resources for good health.

The SPIRITUAL section will be a forum for some of my musings, focusing primarily on the necessity of being spiritual, and understanding that this is not at all synonymous with being religious. One deals with transformation of oneself, the other with attempts to transform others.

New Website Design

Returning visitors will note a slightly new design to the website. The older site was terribly graphics heavy, and having finally learned CSS, I've since re-done this site using that tool. For you the reader, the biggest improvement will be quicker page loads. While I've kept the overall "look" the same, I think you'll find the new design to be cleaner, and easier to read.

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