Seitan and Greens with Polenta

by Nava Atlas

Seitan and Greens with Polenta by Nava Atlas

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Every time I make a dish by Nava Atlas, I'm always wondering why I don't use her recipes more often ... as in maybe every night?? She has such a knack for putting together great tasting ingredients to make filling, flavorful dishes.

But the best part of her recipes?? They never take a lot of time to make!

Take this recipe for example ... a 5 oz. container of pre-washed baby greens, some bok choy, two containers of seitan, a tube of polenta. Presto .. a filling, tasty one pot meal! I threw this together in about a half an hour after an all day hike. What was nice is that you cook the various ingredients in stages, so as one ingredient was cooking, I was chopping/preparing the next set of ingredients, and it worked great!

This is a very low fat dish, that can be made with no added fat by eliminating the small amount of oil used for sauteing.

For gluten free folks, use Soy Curls instead of the seitan.

Recipe here

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