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Making tofu omelette
in the
Swiss Diamond non-stick pan

No oil or even Pam Spray needed.

I know this looks like an infomercial for Swiss Diamond, but honestly, these pans are the best thing I've found in a long time!!  I first found out about these from Bryanna Clark Grogan.  She was a presenting chef at the June, 2008 "Celebrity Chefs" weekend hosted and arranged by Dr. John McDougall.

Mary and John McDougall do not use any added fats or oils in their recipes, not even so much as Pam Spray.  Mary McDougall introduced Bryanna to these pans, and she was very impressed with them after using them for the weekend.

Now that I have one, I really have to agree.  See the video below (run time:  2:25) to see just how non-stick a dry, ungreased pan really is!   This video demonstrates cooking the Vegan Omelette for One, by Susan Voisin, in the Swiss Diamond pan.  (And no, I'm not a spokesperson for Swiss Diamond ... !!)

(.....but if they ask, I would be!)

Click here for Omelette Recipe


You will need a recent version of Adobe Flash to view this.  If you do not see a black viewing screen below, download Adobe Flash for free here.

If you have a slow internet connection, once the video begins running, hit PAUSE, and allow the video's buffer to fill, then hit PLAY.

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Vegan Omelette
cooked in a
Swiss Diamond non-stick pan


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