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Two Routes

Twin Falls SC

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***If you're looking for the Twin Falls that is just outside of Brevard, in the Pisgah National Forest, please see this webpage***.

This waterfall is located in Pickens County, SC. It is located on Reedy Cove Creek, and is labeled as Reedy Cove Falls on many maps. The creek divides in two just before its vertical drop to the base, creating two different waterfalls. Then at the base, the creek again comes together to one stream.

There are two trails to these falls .... one, that is a short 1/3 of a mile or so, basically flat, that has you walking along the river up to the base of the falls. This is a great hike for families ... it's short, easy, and offers lots of spots to play in the creek before you get to the falls. You end on an observation deck that is located directly opposite the falls (from which I took the photo above).

The other trail is most definitely NOT for families ... at least not for small children, or for irresponsible folks of any age who can't resist going out onto wet, slick rocks that are just above a sheer 100 foot drop to the base of these falls. Because yes ... this upper trail brings you RIGHT out at the top of the falls. There ARE safe places to explore, and the creek upstream from the falls has a lot of inviting cascades, as well as swimming holes and rocks for sitting in the sun. The trail itself is a very pleasant 1.25 mile (one way) hike that winds around the edges of a small cove formed by a small drainage, and then from there, follows the hillside due north to intersect with Reedy Cove Creek right at the top of the falls.

And it is here that you have easy access to the very edge of the falls, complete with the raging river pouring down over them!! Be careful! Gravity happens to be in force 24/7 at this location.

Elevation Profile of the two trails
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Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile of trail to Base of Falls
Note that the scale is large ... that "huge" looking uphill is only 100 feet or so
This is basically a flat, river walk

Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile of trail to Top of Falls

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To access both trailheads, turn onto Cleo Chapman Highway, which turns west off US178 (also called Moorefiled Memorial Highway and/or Pickens Highway) 3.3 miles north of Holly Springs (where US178 and Hwy 11 interesect). If coming from the north, the turn onto Cleo Chapman Highway is 7.3 miles from the NC/SC state line.

The turn is very easy to find ... it comes right in a sharp turn of US 178, where the highway makes a 180 degree turn on its descent down (or ascent up) the mountain. Right at the turn is "Bob's Place", a biker bar/general store that you truly can't miss.

If coming from the north, you'll make a hard (almost 180 degree turn) right around this establishment. If coming from the south, in the middle of that sharp 180 degree turn that US178 makes, as 178 continues its hard turn to the right, you'll head straight onto Cleo Chapman highway, with Bob's on your right once you make the turn.

This map shows driving directions to both trailheads.

Directions to the Lower Trail,
which takes you to the base of the falls

Once you make the turn at Bob's place, drive 1.9 miles. You'll cross a concrete bridge and just beyond that, Cleo Chapman Hwy will bear to the left, and Eastatoe Community Road will be a paved road to your right. Turn right onto this road. You'll have a fabulously gorgeous river valley straight ahead of you.

Eastatoe River Valley

Eastatoe River Valley

Drive 0.9 miles down Eastatoe Community Road, and turn right onto Waterfall Road.

The trailhead is in 0.4 mile, and the road ends right at the parking area (after passing thru a small residential area). Follow the well worn path upstream to the falls. The creek is to your right, and you'll notice several pathways down to it, which lead to a small cascade with a swimming hole at the base.

Just before you reach the falls, you'll pass a water wheel on your left.

Water Wheel along the trail to Twin Falls

Water Wheel along the trail to Twin Falls

The trail ends at a covered observation deck, across the creek from the falls.



Directions to the Upper Trail,
which takes you to the top of the falls

Once you make the turn at Bob's place, drive 0.5 mile. The trailhead is a small gravel parking area on your right. It comes just before an "Adopt-A-Highway" sign.

Parking area for the Upper Trail

Parking area for the Upper trail (above)
This comes immediately before the Adopt-A-Highway sign shown below

Adopt-A-Highway sign that comes just before the parking area

There's room here for 2 to 4 cars.

The trail to the falls begins on the other side of the red gate, but the first thing you'll notice in the first few hundred feet, is how horribly and ridiculously this trail is signed.

At the red gate, you'll see a sign high up on an adjacent tree, saying Twin Falls, with an arrow pointing left. Trouble is, you go straight.

Gate and Sign

Beginning of trail, with Sign Pointing Left (but you want to go straight)


Go around the gate, heading straight down the wide forest road ahead of you.

In about 400 feet, you'll come to a densely worded sign on your right:

Gate and Sign

Basically, it's telling you to go straight past the gate (that you already went past 400 feet ago)!! And 3/4 of the sign's directions are telling you about the OTHER route to Twin Falls (the one that goes to the base). So, just ignore this sign.

A hundred feet or so past this sign, you'll come to a "T" with another wide forest road, and there is a small forest service sign here pointing left.

Gate and Sign

Turn left here.

500 feet after this left turn, watch for a wooden gate on your right. There is no sign, or anything to alert you that this is your next turn, aside from a single blue blaze on an adjacent tree. (No other blazing occurs along the trail). The forest road you're on goes straight ahead. Turn right here, going through the gate.

Trail continues through this gate

The right turn you want to make sure you find (above)
Do not follow the forest road, which goes straight ahead (below)

Forest Road continues straight on ahead

Once you make this turn, you're home free, and the trail (which is now a narrow, single track) continues without any more confusing or unlabeled turns!

Trail to the top of Twin Falls

Trail becomes single track

0.4 mile before you reach the falls, you will begin to hear their roar from the creek's valley to your right.

The first indication that you have reached the falls will be this sign:


Just beyond this sign, the trail comes right adjacent to the creek, with the falls main drop immediately to your left.

Main Drop

Edge of Twin Falls

You'll see remnants of a railroad that went through here in years past ... several long pieces of iron rail.

If you continue up the trail, you'll see the first of what are several cascades that are upstream from the falls. This first one empties into a large swimming hole, which is safely four or five hundred feet upstream from the falls.

Swimming Hole

Swimming hole upstream from the falls

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